The Miracle Surrogacy Foundation was created primarily to support and empower our very special surrogates on their journeys to give the precious gift of life. Recognizing the immense sacrifice and generosity of surrogates, the Foundation provides comprehensive assistance to these selfless women throughout their surrogacy experiences.  The Foundation provides additional financial assistance to surrogates beyond what they receive as part of each program paid by intended parents, as well as maternity clothes, special appreciation luncheons, and even school supplies for their own children, and funding for surrogates who wish to attend vocational schools or other higher education.

The Foundation is funded in two ways: fifty percent of all Week 16 pregnancy payments made to Miracle Surrogacy by intended parents is put directly into the Foundation, and individual contributions from our founders, and gifts from intended parents and other sponsors.   We are proud of our dedicated team that administers the Foundation’s funds and personalized support to our very lovely and special surrogates as part of our Surrogacy in Mexico programs.

Financial Assistance

Surrogate payments by Miracle Surrogacy are significantly higher than any other agency in Mexico, which is truly life-changing for them.  Most of our surrogates use the funds to buy a home, to attend college or a vocational schools, to send their own children to private schools, and some have even opened their own successful businesses.  In addition to the normal payments made to surrogates, the Foundation looks for opportunities to do something more, something transformative by giving additional help to those who need it or want to do something more for themselves and and their families.

Special occasions

These amazing women are mothers, sisters, daughters, workers, great neighbors and more, and they deserved to be celebrated. On special days such as Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, or Christmas, or their birthdays, they receive gifts from the Foundation. Any occasion is appropriate to show our love to these amazing women! At Miracle Surrogacy, we wholeheartedly celebrate the extraordinary journey of our surrogates. Read more…

Appreciation Luncheons with our Surrogates:

The Miracle Surrogacy team organizes periodic Appreciation Luncheons with our surrogates in Cancun, Mexico City and Merida, just to show them a little extra love and appreciation.  This is a great opportunity for our surrogates to come together, network, share experiences with one another, and for all of us to bond with them and their own children. Read more…

School Supplies for their Children

The Miracle Surrogacy Foundation is committed to supporting the education and well-being of our surrogates’ own children. As surrogacy involves personal sacrifice, the Foundation recognizes the importance of providing necessary school supplies and educational resources. By doing so, the Foundation aims to ensure that the children of surrogate. Read more…