Surrogacy for HIV+ Clients

HIV+ Friendly Surrogacy Program

At MIRACLE Surrogacy, we are firmly committed to providing an affordable, comprehensive surrogacy program to everyone, regardless of HIV status. MIRACLE Surrogacy’s program available to our HIV+ clients is conducted entirely in Cancun, Mexico and includes everything needed to achieve your dreams of having a baby.

Premium Program for HIV+ Intended Parents
$51,900 USD

The program includes:

  • One IVF egg collection cycle and one embryo transfer with ICSI (Sperm Washing is also necessary; the price for this required service is listed below)

  • Two more embryo transfers are permitted without clinical agency charge (you only pay for the two additional frozen embryo transfers if they are needed; if a 4th embryo transfer is needed, in addition to the embryo transfer, the clinical agency charge applies)

  • Egg Donor of your choice include from our database (National/Mexican Egg Donor included; note: our premium donors have an extra cost); all egg donor medical screening, preparations, medications; egg donor compensation

  • Surrogate and her related charges; surrogate medical screening, preparations, medications; surrogate embryo transfer fee

  • Surrogate wellness checks at her home and special food and supplements

  • Surrogate medical pregnancy care at clinic

  • Baby delivery for non-complicated standard delivery*

The payments made for the program are spread out over the course of the pregnancy.

Notes about Client Medical Tests before Starting the Program and Appointment in Cancun

  • In order to ensure the safety of our surrogates and your future child, all HIV-positive intended parents go through a health screening process. We ask HIV-positive intended parent:
  • To present medical records documenting at least six months of viral load history; the intended parent must have clearly documented, very recent viral load + CDC testing results/medical records immediately before arriving in Cancun to do the Sperm Deposit for this program (we will then process the Sperm Washing cycle afterwards, before the fertilization with the egg donor’s eggs at the embryo cultivation stage); To undergo complete infectious disease screening

Note: All prices subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the client has signed the contract.

Payment note: All of our programs have a one-time payment of $1,850 USD to MIRACLE Surrogacy when you are 16 weeks pregnant.  Other than this payment, which covers our expenses related to each client, you will never pay MIRACLE Surrogacy anything; this is the only payment you make to us, and it is only after you are pregnant.