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Past Events

Mexico City, Mexico – April 2024

Miracle Surrogacy Journey Coordinator CPE in Mexico City.

At Miracle Surrogacy, we’re always looking to improve our service for our intended parents. Recently, our Journey Coordination Team met up in Mexico City for a five-day Continuing Professional Education (CPE) session to refresh and update our procedures. Staff from various cities in Mexico, along with our CEO and founder, Brian Yaden, attended this intensive training.

The CPE focused on protocols, medical procedures, client service strategies, baby exit processes for Australia, Ireland and France and covered updated US and Canadian procedures as well.  Coordinators from offices in Cancun, Merida, Mexico City and other locations gathered to share and standardize best practices.

Our CEO, Brian Yaden, gave an inspiring speech about the importance of innovation and technology in the surrogacy industry. He talked recent milestones and our commitment to helping surrogates beyond what they receive in their surrogacy journeys with IPs.  His insights motivated the team and reinforced our commitment to excellence.

By investing in our team’s professional development, we ensure that Miracle Surrogacy stays at the forefront of the industry, offering the best service to intended parents.


California, USA – March 2024

Thank you to all the IPs who attended Miracle Surrogacy’s Southern California Surrogacy Conference last March 16th, especially those who traveled from far away!  And a special thanks to our IPs and new parents who shared their testimonials about their surrogacy journeys in Mexico with Miracle Surrogacy.  It was a privilege to share all the details with you about surrogacy in Mexico.  Stay tuned for the next conference location, which could be in your city!

Cancun, Mexico – November 2023

At Miracle Surrogacy, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our past events, such as our annual Miracle Staff Conference. Held in the picturesque Cancun, Mexico, the conference brought together our entire staff for an immersive experience. We engaged in comprehensive training sessions led by professionals in the medical community, ensuring that our team stays at the forefront of advancements in the field. Additionally, experts in customer service and sales imparted valuable insights, enhancing our ability to provide unparalleled support to our clients.


Dublin, Ireland – September 2023

Dublin:Miracle Surrogacy Delivered Key Address at European Surrogacy Conference in Dublin, Ireland – It was an honor for our founder and several Miracle team members to present at this important surrogacy conference, providing invaluable information about surrogacy in Mexico to intended parents from Ireland and other European countries, proudly supporting Growing Families, the non-profit surrogacy education group based in Sydney, Australia.


November 2023 conference with Australia’s Growing Families

in Mexico City and Cancun


For many Australian IPs, the non-profit surrogacy education and advocacy group, Growing Families, based in Sydney, Australia has been a wonderful group to learn about surrogacy and get advice.  Last week, MIRACLE Surrogacy, LLC hosted Growing Families’ Global Director, Mr. Sam Everingham for collaboration sessions with some of Miracle’s Mexico City and Cancun teams.  Miracle has sponsored Growing Families for more than a decade, and the partnership will continue to help Australians (and others) learn about Surrogacy in Mexico.