MIRACLE Surrogacy is based in the USA and is owned and operated by Henry and Brian Yaden, who have been through the surrogacy process themselves. Their first child, Patricia was born through surrogacy in Thailand in November 2014. They couldn’t be more proud and grateful for the birth of their little girl. But their surrogacy journey wasn’t without some challenges along the way. Their experiences—the magical birth of their beautiful baby and the bumps in the road throughout their journey—inspired them to begin helping other intended parents in 2014 with surrogacy programs in Mexico. Henry and Brian want to give Patricia a little brother or sister, and will soon begin another surrogacy journey!

As the directors of MIRACLE Surrogacy, Henry and Brian forged a solid, professional partnership with the most experienced and world-renowned fertility clinic in Mexico, with their highly sought-after specialists in embryology, fertility and surrogacy. Henry and Brian have direct access to the doctors and staff at their partner clinics 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make sure you receive constant updates about the progress of your surrogacy journey.

We also assist in the exit process for your baby by providing guidance on procedures for obtaining birth certificates and passports. We realize there are many questions that arise prior to beginning surrogacy, throughout the entire journey and even after the birth of your baby. Your MIRACLE Surrogacy team is available around the clock for you, every day including weekends and holidays, via Skype, phone, text or email. With MIRACLE Surrogacy, you are never alone during your surrogacy journey. We not only understand the emotional and financial stress of international surrogacy but also know the joy of succeeding and finally expanding your family. Through our personal experience and knowledge, we guide our clients through what can be a difficult process, with understanding and compassion.

Our Staff

Alex Reid

Journey Coordinator

Mr. Alex Reid will be your first point of contact for our agency. Alex will answer any initial questions you have, help you collect documents, and plan your visit to Cancun. If you would like to schedule a Discovery Call with Alex, simply go to

Ricardo Tehozol

Pregnancy Coordinator

Mr. Ricardo Tehozol will be your guide in Cancun, Mexico where he resides. Ricardo helps guide those who are visiting Cancun and currently pregnant. He answers any questions our clients may have along the way. His extensive experience in customer service makes him the perfect fit for our agency.

Brenda Spencer

Medical Coordinator

MIRACLE Surrogacy places tremendous value on the care of our intended parents, our surrogates, egg donors, and of course, your baby! We also appreciate our team members in all the countries where we operate. We couldn’t be more thankful to have Brenda as our Mexico Medical Coordinator. Brenda assists all our Cancun, Mexico surrogacy intended parents in every aspect of their programs. She coordinates significantly with the doctors and entire staff at our clinic in Cancun to ensure our clients receive timely updates about their surrogacy programs, providing them with surrogate ultrasound and other medical reports and general updates about their journeys. Brenda is extremely committed to excellent intended parent care and has 30 years of client relationship experience. Brenda completed all her surrogacy and fertility training in office in Miami and on-site at our fertility clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

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