Programs & Costs of Surrogacy in Mexico

The cost of surrogacy in Mexico with Miracle Surrogacy starts at $52,800 , for intended parents who already have their own embryos plus the cost of shipping the embryos to Mexico.  We also have programs for those who need an egg donor.  Miracle Surrogacy has the largest selection of international egg donors in Mexico (as well as the largest frozen egg bank).  Additionally, we have a program for those who wish to use their own eggs, which is popular with many of our heterosexual intended parents seeking affordable surrogacy in Mexico.

Overall, on average, surrogacy programs with Miracle Surrogacy in Mexico cost about one-third the cost of surrogacy in the United States.  Miracle Surrogacy has exclusive partnerships with the best fertility clinics in Mexico, which are are state-of the-art, staffed by the most qualified doctors, nurses, embryologists and other team members who speak English are are fully trained in fertility and surrogacy.  Many of the clinics’ staff studied and trained in the United States and Europe and their success rates are on par with the world’s best fertility clinics.



Sperm Washing – HIV+ Intended Parents

It is a privilege for MIRACLE Surrogacy to offer surrogacy programs to all intended parents, regardless of HIV status. For HIV+ intended parents or those with Hepatitis B, we must complete a process known as “sperm washing,” will be done at the time of your semen deposit.  The cost of sperm washing in Mexico is $6,500 including all extra laboratory work and documentation.  There is also an extra $5,000 payment to the surrogate (which is not paid until the Stage 3 payment is made at week 24 of pregnancy).

Multiple Pregnancy

If your surrogate is pregnant with twins, a $7,000 twin payment will be added to your Stage 3 Payment at week 24 of pregnancy. This is because twin pregnancies are by nature higher risk, and your surrogate will receive additional payments, attention, and care. You will also need to add $5,000 to your refundable medical escrow, payable at Week 24 of pregnancy.

Embryo Glue

Embryo glue is widely used at fertility clinics around the world. Studies have shown improvement in embryo implantation rates (success rates of implanted embryos adhering to the uterine walls). The cost of this optional service is $1,426 USD.

Gender Selection / PGT Chromosomal Testing

Gender selection is an optional service and is included when choosing the optional pre-implantation genetics testing (PGT), which is a complex embryo screening all 23 pairs of human chromosomes to detect an incorrect number of chromosomes in the embryo (aneuploidy).  Chromosomal abnormalities often lead to pregnancy complications, miscarriage or disorders such as extra copies of chromosomes.

The PGT test is able to identify those embryos free from chromosome abnormalities and enables embryologists to identify the “sex” chromosomes, enabling the intended parent to decide which sex to use for the embryo transfer.  The cost of this complex testing is $7,850 (up to five embryos) and is done by a very sophisticated laboratory in Cancun, Mexico City or Merida, Mexico. This is paid when you make your Stage 1 payment.

Note: All prices subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the client has signed the contract.