US Embassy Now Allows US Citizens to Obtain Judicial Order for the Mexican Birth Certificate to be Issued without the Surrogate’s Name

In June 2024, Miracle Surrogacy conducted a special “Amparo Judicial Process Workshop” with our Mexico City team, external counsel, and information from U.S. Embassy personnel. This workshop confirmed that U.S. citizens can now seek a judicial order to have the Mexican birth certificate issued solely in the names of the intended parents.

Historically, the U.S. Embassy strictly prohibited any judicial actions resulting in the Mexican birth certificate being issued without the surrogate’s name, causing delays for U.S. couples who attempted this. This policy has now changed. We are proud of our relationship with the U.S. Embassy, where Miracle Surrogacy underwent a vetting process, including a visit from embassy personnel, to ensure our procedures align with U.S. Embassy guidance. While the U.S. Embassy does not endorse specific agencies, we are pleased with this verification process’s positive outcome and compliance with the Embassy’s cooperation requests.

Miracle Surrogacy is Mexico’s largest and longest-established surrogacy agency, with over 10 years of experience helping IPs create or expand their families. We are also the only agency with a surplus of surrogates. We have more babies born in Mexico than all other agencies combined and expect to exceed 100 births this year!

We have collaborated with our external counsel in Mexico City for more than 10 years, successfully assisting numerous IPs in obtaining birth certificates without the surrogate’s name via the Amparo judicial process.

After you sign your surrogacy agreement with Miracle Surrogacy and your embryos are ready for transfer, we will work with you and our external attorneys to prepare documents for your assigned surrogate to sign. These documents, generally signed before the embryo transfer (but can also be done afterward), state that the surrogate understands she will have no genetic connection to the resulting child and agrees to the surrogacy contract terms. After your baby’s birth, our attorney will swiftly file court documents seeking a judicial order mandating the Civil Registry Department to issue the birth certificate without the surrogate’s name, including only the IPs’ names. The attorney will represent the IPs in about three court hearings.

This process takes about four weeks after the baby’s birth. Our external counsel’s fees for their services and all associated costs are approximately 6,500 USD, though this may vary if additional appearances or documents are needed.

Miracle Surrogacy will guide you through this optional service step by step if you are interested.