MIRACLE Surrogacy's Affordable Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine

MIRACLE Surrogacy offers the following comprehensive surrogacy programs:

Ukraine Surrogacy Programs

MIRACLE Surrogacy’s surrogacy programs in Ukraine are available to heterosexual married couples and start at $34,900 USD for customers with frozen embryos; $44,400 USD for programs including egg donor and everything else; and a Guaranteed Baby program for $64,900 USD.

Payment Notes:
All of our programs noted above have a payment of $1,250 USD to MIRACLE Surrogacy once pregnancy is confirmed and $1,850 USD once the client is 16 weeks pregnant.  Other than these two payments, which covers our expenses related to each client, you will never pay MIRACLE Surrogacy anything; these are the only payments you make to us, and it is only after you are pregnant.
  • All prices subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the client has signed the contract.
  • All programs include standard, vaginal baby delivery at a local, private hospital, up to an allowance of $2,500 USD; the client is responsible for actual expenses if they exceed this amount.
  • Each embryo transfer beyond the one included in your program is $4,900, up to a maximum of 2 additional embryo transfers.
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