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Brian Yaden, co-founder of MIRACLE Surrogacy, takes you on a brief tour of the company’s modern surrogacy clinic in the seaside Mexican resort city of Cancun.  Brian and the partners have ensured the clinic’s surrogacy success rates are on par with or exceed the very best fertility clinics in the United States or Europe by hiring world-renowned embryologists and doctors.  MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Cancun, Mexico clinic, Fertility Clinic Americas offers full-service surrogacy programs starting at $41,900 and are available to gay / LGBT couples, singles and heterosexual clients.

MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Clinic in Cancun, Mexico- Fertility Clinic Americas

MIRACLE Surrogacy is part owner of Fertility Clinic Americas, in Cancun, Mexico.  As such, we are able to offer surrogacy programs at a lower cost than any other clinic in Mexico. Our state-of-the art European-style clinic is staffed by doctors, nurses, embryologists and other team members who speak English, are fully trained in fertility, many of whom studied in the United States and Europe.

Our clinic is located only 15 minutes from the hotel zone and boasts the highest success rates in fertility in all of Mexico.  Our success rates are on par with the very best fertility clinics in California, but with surrogacy programs that begin at $41,900–only a fraction of the cost in the United States.  There are no “wait periods.”  We have fully screened surrogates and egg donors from Mexico and around the world who are ready to get started for our clients

MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Affordable Surrogacy Programs in Mexico

MIRACLE Surrogacy offers the following comprehensive surrogacy programs:

“Premium Cancun Surrogacy Program $46,900 USD”

This is our most popular surrogacy program.  This program includes the surrogate and all associated treatments, exams and medications; it includes one IVF egg collection cycle with ICSI if needed; and one embryo transfer.  This program also includes a local Mexican/egg donor, with optional premium local egg donors costing between $1,500 USD to $3,000 USD.  It also includes all prenatal care and baby delivery too.*  The costs are spread out over the entire pregnancy.   


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“Guaranteed Baby Cancun Surrogacy Program $98,900”

This surrogacy program guarantees 100 percent you will be going home with a baby.  It includes everything in our Premium Cancun Surrogacy Program, but with this very special package, you don’t have to pay for additional embryo transfers or IVF egg collection cycles.  Once we begin your surrogacy journey, we won’t stop until you have your baby in your arms!  Like our other programs, the payments are spread out over the course of the pregnancy.   


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“Shipped Embryo Cancun Surrogacy Program $41,900 USD”

Clients who already have frozen embryos can ship them to our Cancun clinic and sign up for our Premium Cancun Surrogacy Program for $41,900 USD.  The client first pays for the application and processing of the Health Department Permit, which costs $1,950; once approved, our clinic arranges for the shipment of your embryos to Cancun using our contracted, licensed shipper authorized to ship genetic materials internationally.  The client is responsible for the shipping costs, which generally range from $4,000 to $5,000, depending on the origin.  Just like our Premium Cancun Surrogacy Program, this program includes all medications for the surrogate, one frozen embryo transfer, as well as all the prenatal care and baby delivery too.*  The costs are spread out over the entire pregnancy.

Other Programs

Self-Cycle (using your own eggs but need a surrogate?)

If you wish to use your own eggs, that’s not a problem.  We have a program for that as well and can arrange one of our surrogates to carry your baby for you, using your own eggs and your husband’s/partner’s sperm.

Already have your own surrogate?

If you have your own surrogate and just need an egg donor (or maybe you even have your own egg donor) and just need us to arrange the IVF and embryo transfer for you, we can do that for you.  We have very reasonable packages available for these services.

Payment note: All of our programs noted above have a one-time payment of $1,850 USD to MIRACLE Surrogacy when you are 16 weeks pregnant.  Other than this payment, which covers our expenses related to each client, you will never pay MIRACLE Surrogacy anything; this is the only payment you make to us, and it is only after you are pregnant.

  • All prices subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the client has signed the contract.
  • All programs include standard, vaginal baby delivery at a local, private hospital, up to an allowance of $3,500 USD; the client is responsible for actual expenses if they exceed this amount.
  • Each embryo transfer beyond the one included in your program is $6,600.  Every fourth embryo transfer has an additional charge of $5,500 as a clinical service fee for clinic costs/overhead.
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