MIRACLE Surrogacy understands that starting the surrogacy process can be a little overwhelming.  We have been right where you are…wondering where to begin, what to do next, and not knowing where to turn for help.  Don’t worry….we will be there for you.  Let’s start with a look at some frequently asked questions.

Why Choose MIRACLE Surrogacy for our Surrogacy Journey?

MIRACLE Surrogacy is the largest US-based surrogacy agency with the highest success rates, owned and operated by the parents of a child born through surrogacy, with surrogacy programs in the countries of Mexico, Georgia and Ukraine.  MIRACLE Surrogacy has full-service surrogacy programs that are legal, open to LGBT / gay clients, as well as heterosexual couples and singles.

What is the Difference between doing Surrogacy in Mexico, Georgia and Ukraine?

Gay / LGBT and single intended parents as well as heterosexual clients are welcome to do legal surrogacy with MIRACLE Surrogacy with one of our programs in Cancun, Mexico.  In the country of Georgia, all heterosexual couples are welcome to do legal surrogacy.  In Ukraine, the intended parents must be heterosexual and married.  The costs are similar between all three destinations.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Mexico?

The answer is absolutely yes, in that the federal government does not regulate nor prohibit surrogacy.  In fact, the courts have fully supported the granting of full parental rights to the biological fathers and honoring and enforcing surrogacy contracts.  The state government of Tabasco prohibited commercial surrogacy in January 2016, but this has no impact on surrogacy performed elsewhere in Mexico. MIRACLE Surrogacy’s lawyers have confirmed there are no restrictions on doing surrogacy in Mexico outside of Tabasco.

How much does Surrogacy Cost in Mexico, Georgia and Ukraine?

International surrogacy that is affordable is rather limited.  Surrogacy in the USA can be as much as $150,000 USD to over $200,000.  As of 2018, Surrogacy in Mexico with MIRACLE Surrogacy including everything is only $46,900 for full-service programs in Cancun; a similar program in Georgia and Ukraine is between $39,000 USD and $44,000 USD.  MIRACLE Surrogacy also has Guaranteed Baby Surrogacy Programs in Mexico, Georgia and Ukraine.

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