Maka Darsavelidze
Ukraine Manager

Maka has great experience in the fields of public relations and strategic communication with government agencies.  She was the executive assistant to the First Lady of Georgia for 9 years.  Since joining the MIRACLE Surrogacy team, Maka has been in charge of our operations in Ukraine, including all aspects of management related to our fertility doctors, nurses, embryologists and other staff members.  She obtains all necessary information related to intended parent contracts and other legal documents and ensures everything is in perfect order to meet the government of Ukraine’s expectations about legal surrogacy.  Maka also works in conjunction with our pregnancy care coordinator, to make sure every aspect of the intended parents’ surrogacy programs are running smoothly.  She works directly with intended parents in Europe and Asia and she also works directly with MIRACLE Surrogacy team members in Miami to follow-up with intended parents’ needs who are in the United States, Canada and many other countries.

Mariam Padalka
Ukraine Intended Parent Coordinator

As a highly trained professional in customer service and dedicated team member, Mariam works very closely with our medical partners in Kiev, Ukraine once our intended parents’ surrogacy programs begin.  She works closely with our clients once they arrive in Kiev for their semen deposits and other medical appointments.  Mariam also works on a daily basis with our medical partners to ensure we are timely obtaining medical reports, ultrasounds and other surrogacy-related medical documents.
Mariam also works with our Ukraine follow-up manager to make sure all medical documentation related to intended parents’ programs are properly filed and available for the clients’ inspection.  Mariam is also in constant communication with MIRACLE Surrogacy personnel in Miami about the clients’ surrogacy journeys.

Anna Kolendrickaya
Egg Donor and Surrogate Coordinator

Anna is a dedicated team member of MIRACLE Surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine and is responsible for identifying and recruiting our very special surrogates and egg donors.  She works closely with our medical professionals throughout the surrogate and egg donor screening process, which includes medical and psychological exams.  Additionally, Anna oversees a thorough education program with the surrogates to ensure they fully understand their roles, the clients they are assisting and she makes sure the surrogates know and follow all the rules of the program.
Anna also works closely with our Ukraine follow-up manager and MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Ukraine pregnancy care coordinator to provide constant updates on the health and well-being of our surrogates and egg donors.

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